I realize that you are anxious to learn how to get custody of your children but first I want to tell you a real-life story...

Even though I am happily married and have no children (I do love kids though) I felt compelled to write this article because of the situation my niece is in.

She got married around a year ago to a flaky guy and became pregnant around Christmas this past year. Long story short, once the reality of having a child sunk in her husband decided to bail out of the marriage and now they are going through a painful divorce.

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She had her little boy this past Saturday (one month early) and he had to be put into ICU while his lungs developed fully. I saw the little fellow yesterday and he is a cutie but it was kind of sad seeing him hooked up to all of those monitors.

Thankfully, he is doing well and will be fine but the whole situation got me to thinking about kids, divorce and ultimately custody battles.

I think it is pretty obvious that my niece will win custody of Noah which is the right thing in this particular case but how many times has the custody of children been given to the wrong parent because they had better lawyers or outright lied to the judge and were believed? In the courtroom right doesn’t always win does it?

Knowing the ins and outs on how to get custody of your children will definitely give you an advantage in winning custody hearings.

We have seen this happen all the time with celebrity child custody cases and it often makes me think that these people want to win custody of their kids just to spite their ex or to beat them like it is some kind of game and the kids are pawns. Sounds like a movie on Lifetime doesn’t it?

Because of this I decided to do some research on materials that could help a parent win their custody battle and after a lot of searching I think I have found the perfect resource that can help you learn how to get child custody.

The book I am recommending on how to get custody is called Child Custody Strategies. It has helped over 20,000 parents win custody battles since it was first published in 1989 and is currently in its 16th edition so it is not some fly-by-night book somebody wrote to make a quick buck by preying on someone’s misfortune. I hate that!

Rather, it is the culmination of 30 years of experience by two top custody experts that have been involved in hundreds of custody cases as consultants and expert witnesses and from the things they write about on their site it is obvious that they have seen it all.

In other words, they know how to get custody of your children if you follow their advice!

Child Custody Strategies is unique in that it comes in two versions, one customized for a father and one for a mother so click on the appropriate link when you get to the introduction page to get the right information so it can show you how to get child custody from the proper perspective.

Two key points from the site struck me as being the most important if you want to learn how to get custody of your children were:

The right parent doesn’t always win a custody fight. Your own lawyer might unknowingly be working against you in your custody battle.

I have found in my experience the better prepared I am for situations like this the better the outcome is for me and if I had my children’s future on the line I would want to have as much of an advantage as I could possibly have just in case something unexpected happened during the custody hearings.

After reading the material on the site it is obvious that you need a well defined plan when you walk into the courtroom in order to decisively win custody of your kids and being unprepared could prove to be disastrous as once a decision has been made with regards to custody of your children it can be very difficult to get the case re-opened.

Click Here To Learn How To Get Custody Of Your Kids

In closing I want to ask one favor. I know it might sound contrived but I am being 100% sincere. If you know in your heart that you don’t deserve custody of your kids please don’t buy this book or even visit the site. Think of their well being and do the right thing for your kids OK?